In the world of business and Marketing, we constantly hear about digital revolution. The world has changed. Everything that came before doesn’t apply anymore and we are going through a transition we have no control over. Here are some human reasons why this is wrong.

The digital revolution was over…

We’ve not come as far as we think in Marketing and in some ways, we’re still dealing with outdated notions of what is and isn’t important.

John has just started a new job, he’s got to stand on a street corner for eight hours a day. …

Marketing isn’t about social media or advertising; that’s part of Marketing but you need to start way further back than that. Otherwise, in the long run, you’ll fail.

It all starts with now.

What do I mean by now? I mean, what is your business, who are your customers, who…

Samuel Brealey

I'm a Marketing consultant. I help my clients make more money. Better Marketing means better business.

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