• Paul Isakson

    Paul Isakson

    Executive Advisor & Coach

  • Drago Mlakar

    Drago Mlakar

  • NepTrendsNg


    African music, news, lifestyle & entertainment. visit NepTrendsNg.com

  • Louise Millar

    Louise Millar

  • Alex Micu

    Alex Micu

    I have thoughts and opinions. I work in digital marketing, whatever that means. I used to be in advertising and that was good.

  • Sherief Razzaque

    Sherief Razzaque

    Content Strategist + UX Writer @facebook UK (PRO EMEA). Former Head of Content@ Infobip, Samsung Australia & Freelancer_com. Ex-ebay PayPal + Airtasker

  • Omer Goldstein

    Omer Goldstein

  • Abhishek Rai

    Abhishek Rai

    Partner @ Shack Co.

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